IEEE International Mediterranean Conference on Communications and Networking
8–11 July 2024 // Madrid, Spain

WS-04: 2nd Int. Workshop on Advanced & Lightweight Security Solutions for 6G Systems

WS-04: 2nd Int. Workshop on Advanced & Lightweight Security Solutions for 6G Systems


Welcome to the IEEE MeditCom 2024 Workshop on Advanced & Lightweight Security Solutions for 6G Systems (ALSS-6G)!


The rapid development of communication networks has led to the emergence of 6G systems and networks, which are envisioned to revolutionize various industries and enable unprecedented connectivity and data rates. However, with these advancements come significant challenges in ensuring the security of these complex and heterogeneous networks. Traditional security solutions fall short in addressing the unique requirements and vulnerabilities of 6G systems. There is a critical need to explore advanced and lightweight security solutions that can effectively protect against evolving threats and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of data. The advanced security solutions go beyond the conventional scope of securing classical wireless communication systems and embraces the challenges posed by emerging communication networks. It recognizes significant advancements in communication systems that collectively have increased the complexity of ensuring network security. Moreover, the evolving use cases envisioned for future networks will require massive inter-connectivity of billions of heterogeneous devices ranging from high-end computing platforms to low-end resource-constrained devices. This requires looking beyond existing security solutions and developing lightweight and adaptive security solutions. Recently, physical layer security solutions have emerged as an exciting solution to develop adaptive, lightweight, and secure security solutions. Advances in the communication system are further favoring the development of such layer-based physical security solutions. Such advancements include using reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RISs), exploring unregulated high-frequency bands such as Mm-wave, THz, LiFi/VLC, and FSO, and joint sensing and communication capabilities. Moreover, several cross-layer solutions can also be considered to design lightweight security solutions. 


The workshop on Advanced & Lightweight Security Solutions for 6G Systems (ALSS-6G) will take place at IEEE MeditCom 2024, Spain. It will provide a forum for sharing multidisciplinary contributions to the development of advanced and lightweight physical layer/cross-layer-based security solutions capable of meeting the stringent security challenges posed by the upcoming 6G communication networks. In this context, we seek to assemble crosscutting and high-quality original research papers on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Physical layer security (PLS) for 6G systems.
  • Lightweight security for IoT wireless networks.
  • Security solutions for ISAC networks.
  • Security of 6G networks with RISs.
  • Security of 6G networks with ML/DL/RL.
  • Security for mm-wave, THz, LiFi/VLC, and FSO networks.
  • Prototype, testbeds, and performance evaluation for PHY/cross-layer security.
  • Security in 6G-enabled autonomous vehicles/drones and healthcare.
  • Security for NTNs and smart cities.
  • Authentication, key management, and access control in 6G Networks.
  • Secure edge computing and fog networking in 6G environments.
  • Threat modeling and risk assessment in 6G network deployments.
  • Secure network slicing and virtualization in 6G architectures.
  • Secure localization and positioning techniques in 6G networks.
  • Resilience and survivability of 6G networks against cyber-attacks.
  • Security challenges and solutions for massive MIMO and beamforming in 6G.


  • Prof. Ernesto Damiani, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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