IEEE International Mediterranean Conference on Communications and Networking
8–11 July 2024 // Madrid, Spain

WS-02: AIML ITA-NTN (AIML in Integrated Terrestrial And Non-Terrestrial Networks)

WS-02: AIML ITA-NTN (AIML in Integrated Terrestrial And Non-Terrestrial Networks)


The fifth and beyond generation (5G/B5G) of mobile networks and the mobile edge computing infrastructures are foreseen as the candidate technologies to enable the diffusion of the AI/ML-based approaches for network control and for enabling the AI-as-a-Service paradigm as well. Furthermore, the intense 3GPP standardization process for integrating Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs) will guarantee the pervasive diffusion of communication services in remote, unconnected, or weakly connected areas through a global network infrastructure. In such a vision, many efforts focus on validating a unique/unified 6G network system, supporting a multi-orbit and multi-band network with evolved 5G/B5G terrestrial networks and/or non-3GPP trunks. The higher and higher demand for network resources triggered by novel services like tactile Internet, extended reality, metaverse, cloud gaming, telepresence, autonomous, remote driving and navigation foster a change in the paradigm of network intelligence toward user-centric solutions needing the relative analytics and scaling with struggle devices as satellite, aerial, and user equipment. 

To support this, a dissection of existing research topics and unresolved issues in exploiting learning techniques to exploit virtual network functions more efficiently for network traffic analysis, and control could foster the future technological development toward Zero-Touch networking.  

Topics of Interest

The technical sessions aim to bring together practitioners and researchers working on the intersection between transfer learning and mobile networking, stimulating the cross-fertilization between the two communities. The special session solicits contributions on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Federated learning, analytics, and optimization

  • Transfer learning for intelligent radio resource allocation and signal processing in ITA-NTNs

  • Communication-efficient training/inference systems

  • AI-based service-driven network resource allocation 

  • Joint sensing, computing, caching, and communication in ITA-NTNs

  • Privacy, security, explainability, and optimality of ITA-NTNs

  • Software, hardware platform, and applications for 6G NTNs

  • Dual connectivity, multihoming, non-3GPP access for ITA-NTNs

  • Task-oriented communication and model compression for mobile edge inference

  • 5G NR and 6G standardization in NTNs

  • Design, modelling, experimental characterization, and performance evaluation of novel antennas for ITA-NTNs

  • Design and/or experimental characterization of novel electronic/photonic devices and systems

  • Interference issues

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions for network management and control issues

  • SDN and NFV solutions supporting AIML

  • Energy-efficient algorithms for ITA-NTNs

  • QoS/QoE-aware orchestration strategies of communication and computational resources

  • Implementation of simulation open-source tools for the 5G/6G NTN protocol stack

  • Experimental testbeds and measurements in ITA-NTNs


Armin Dekorsy (IEEE Senior Member), University of Bremen

Tomaso de Cola, German Aerospace Centre (DLR)

Industry Panels

Moderator: Juan Durán Gómez, Integrated Systems Senior Expert
Communications Center of Competence, INDRA, Spain

Important Dates

  • Workshop Paper Submission Deadline: 5 April 2024 30 April 2024 (FIRM)
  • Paper Acceptance Notification: 14 May 2024
  • Camera Ready: 1 June 2024

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Workshop Chairs

  • Alberto Gotta, Institute of Information Science and Technologies "Alessandro Faedo" of the National Research Council (CNR-ISTI), Italy
  • Pietro Cassarà, National Research Council (CNR), Italy

  • Jorge Querol, Interdisciplinary Center for Security Reliability and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Juan Durán Gómez, Communications Center of Competence, INDRA, Spain

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